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Moon over Mallorca

Saturday, 24. April 2004
ove on the Roof

Today, rather by chance, we discovered that we are in paradise. The secret was spilled by a welcome card that somehow got lost under unread newspapers.

"Welcome in Paradise" it said, a bit wrinkled.

So today, some facts about paradise: Firstly, there is shared accommodation here, too. We thought we would have a bungalow for ourselves, but we were wrong. There are two birds that are nesting underneath the roof. They spent the day furnishing their summer residence with anything soft they can lay their wings on. And with making love. Open air love on the roof. Really, they are adorable. The real travellers, they probably spent the winter in Africa, to return to this place for summer. Free accommodation, no tickets required, and the absolute believe that the sign "guests only" at the gate includes them.

And free food! When the evening comes, they fly across the pool to the sun terrace. Behind the terrace door, there is a table with food. They know that much already. All they have to do now, is go and sit on top of a chair and wait for dinner to arrive. Oh and dinner! I have no clue how many cooks roam the kitchen here to make these buffets happen. Fish paella and wild potatoes, tortillas and tapas, octopus salad and gambas in avocado and all those other things I don't even know the word for, neither in Spanish nor in English nor in German.

Another fact: some of the best moments in paradise are those at the end of the day that hold the crescent moon, so far and so near.

Life here is a dream, and I wished I was a bird...

Part 7: Terre Nova

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