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Pollentia Village

Monday, 19. April 2004
Unfielded Nature

Pollentia. We been here before and before, in the same month, in the very same place, at this little Bay in the North. Not much is happening here, no bars, no discos, no nothing. It's a wild life reservoir, and for some unknown reasons someone allowed to put up these bungalows here. Pollentia Village is written on the entrance, even though it isn't a village. But then, it looks more like a village than like a holiday place: bungalows with brick roofs in between trees. The usual kidney shaped pool, but there also are ponds, little bridges, ducks, frogs, trees in all sizes, and flowers in all colours. Really, they have the most amazing flowers here, those I don't even know the names for.

In front of the village: the road, then the bay, a pebble stone beach, not filled with sand, left as it is. Not many tourists here at the moment, after the Easter holidays, before the summer holidays, in between seasons. When I sat at the pool side yesterday afternoon, I was almost alone, the water untouched, rippled by the wind only.

The weather is spring, the days start to turn to summer. There are some degrees missing, probably those that were too much last year when El Nino warmed Europe up in March already and turned it into a heat zone all summer.

The lack of sun set nature back some weeks, and on our first bike ride we could see yellow and pink flowers that otherwise already would have withered, and little streams still sparkling with water that otherwise already would have run dry. It's the same place at the same time, but it is a different atmosphere, a different tune.

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