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Bay of Pollenca

Thursday, 22. April 2004
Grounded on Shells

This morning, when I woke up and looked out of the window, to get a glimpse of the dawn, an idea how early or late it is, I saw colours. Orange. Yellow. Pink. The sight made me get up in one move. I slipped into the next best trousers, put on my fleece jacket and out I was, walking towards the ocean, towards the full horizon.

The ocean is just a minute away from our bungalow, and the sky unfolded more with every step I made, making me wish the way was longer and shorter at the same time.

Then - the ocean. The sky. Colours floating, above, and underneath. All in motion, all but the mountains that framed the sight in their timeless way.

I took a picture, another one, and sat down on the pebble stones and shells to take a third one.

And sat. Grounded on shells. The ocean in front of me. A zen moment.

The reason we go and go: to be, for once.

Part 5: Walk Out

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