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Side street signs

Sunday, 25. April 2004
Terra Nova

A rainy day - drizzling rain, then pouring rain, then drizzling rain again, lasting from morning until afternoon. Time to read, time to nap, time to do nothing.

When the sky got clearer for a while, we went for a walk along the beach. That was good, being near the sea, walking along the waterline, playing with the waves, trying not to get caught by them. Walking through shells, watching the surf, the sky. It got hazy on one side of the bay while we walked, and we could see it start raining there. When we were almost home, the clouds reached us, and a light drizzle caught us. Almost as if the elements wanted to show us that yes, you can play with us, but you can't really win against us.

Later, brighter skies, allowing Ronnie to go for a bike ride. I didn't feel like biking today, rather like something I never did here before: jogging. I went the same way we usually start our bike rides with, and it is was so different. I saw flowers, long elegant pink flowers, I never noticed them before. And I had time to read the signs of the houses - here, the houses don't have numbers, but have names. At least that is how it seems like. Los Helvidos, Can Estana, Che Piero, Terra Nova they are called.

The sky was still clouded, but holes of blue appeared, more and more, and later we even could sit outside in the sun for a while.

It's all about the sky here in a way.

Part 8: Change of Skies

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