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The world in a box

Wednesday, 28. April 2004
Cruising channels

Some multilingual fun this afternoon: a leisurely cruise through the channels of our tv here. There are twenty eight different ones, an international mix of programs.

The start: Italy. RaiUno and RaiDue. RaiUno has a detective series playing, "Commissario Rex" - which is from Germany. On RaiDue, a game show with many euros to win. Then France: TF1. Advertising there: Toyota, Lindt, Okay, La Moussaka, Brilliance de Schwarzkopf and Intuition de Wilkinson. So much for non-French words. Oh here is a French one: Le chat.

Moving over the border, to Germany: ZDF is broadcasting football. Ah le cliché. Sat1 with a people magazine, RTL with news, ARD with a German series that plays in a hospital. RTL2 with BigBrother, Eurosport with football - a French match, Paris vs. Nantes. Click click.. this match is also playing in TF1 when there are no commercials on.

Finally Spain: Canal4, a shopping channel. Tre with a magazine about health. 1tve with a Spanish series that plays in.. a hospital. 2tve with Digimon comics. Spanish advertising: Sanitas, and after it: Black&Decker, a German company.

And here is England: fist a shopping channel that sells holidays at the moment. Tenerife, Aguamar Appartments. Next to it: BBC world, CNN, and a little Netherlands: BVN TV with the news in Dutch.

The end of the programs comes with music, VIVA and MTV, Britney backstage and Eminem on stage.

Ah languages. More of it at dinner time in the restaurant, where the main dishes have signs in 5 languages plus a little painting for the rest of the world.

Part 11: Places of Palma

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