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On the way

Tuesday, 27. April 2004
Wheel by wheel

A great day today, unfolding from the mood of one moment:

"What is your plan for today?", I asked Ronnie after breakfast on Monday, when he was sitting on the terrace, the map of Mallorca in front of him.
"Towards the South, Sa Pobla, Sineu, Petra," he said, and showed me the tour he was thinking of.
"How many kilometers will this one be?" I asked, not sure what my limit would be.
"About ninty," he guessed.
Not even hundred, I thought. And no mountains.
And so they fell in place, those ninety kilometres.

They were what I needed, without knowing it. Cutting through fields, riding against the wind, heading towards the horizon, sailing down serpentines, moving up some more, seeing the sea from afar, and then racing down roads to reach it.

And all this together, wheel by wheel. Leaving together, coming back together. Making it together. Ninety kilometres, six hundred meters in altitude, one huge circle, completed in three hours ten, in almost thirty per hour.

"And you feel worn out and you feel new" ~ that is how I tried to put this feeling in words once, and that is what tours of this kind do. Moving you on a deeper level, while you move through all those places, while you pass through all those moments.

Doing what good journeys do: making a difference.

Part 10: Cruising channels

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