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Colors of morning

Monday, 26. April 2004
Change of Skies

This morning I woke up to the sound of waves. Well I thought it was waves. It was wind, strong wind, in currents.

I went to the ocean again, to hear the waves together with the wind. On the way, a rose coloured cloud behind the silhouette of a palm tree. Then the sea, dark water under pastel skies. There was no one else, just me - and some doves. They were sailing in the wind, or rather: rising in it like in an elevator, then speeding down from above like little jets. Not to chase fish.. just for play. Like surfers that are riding the waves, while the rest of the world is trying to stay warm and dry. That was beautiful. And some traces of rain this morning, drops on the ground, not dried yet.

When the forecast is right, the weather will move on during the day, and there will be another high coming from the Atlantic.

I love this, this change of skies, the wind, the waves, the rain. It is all so sensual here.

Even from inside you can see so much of outside. The bungalows have huge windows, glass doors. Shortly after I got back from the beach this morning, the sky started to glow in yellow, and the sun rose a second time, above the roofs of the bungalows, behind the leaves of a palm trees.

Five more sunrises. Then we will leave. It is good.

Part 9: Wheel by wheel

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